LOC International Horse Transport takes great pride in delivering a first class service for our customers and we take greater pride in providing the highest level of animal welfare for the horses we transport.

However, don't take our word for:

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for your email regarding Diva.

I can happily report that she is doing amazingly well. All her problems that she had in Spain have gone and I have to say the one major problem stopped almost immediately as soon as she got on the lorry (diarrhoea).

I will post some pics and a video on your Facebook page. She is one happy girl now. Me not so happy but I know I made the right decision to send her back.

Thanking you and your team for an amazing service. Will always use you and recommend you to others.

Kind regards


Fabulous feedback flowing in from our last Spanish trip! Well done to the all Lady LOC team.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Hi Jodi,

Sabria is now settled in her new home and I was very happy with the transport, she was fed plenty of hay and had no scars ect on arrival. I was updated by two very helpful and kind ladies. I found it a little bit complicated understanding exactly what was needed for the vet, however I'm very pleased with everything else. Thank you for caring for her so well. I would recommend LOC to others.

I have attached some pictures onto this email of Sabria in her new surroundings.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Belgium to Mallorca

What a lovely Message from Diane - her lovely new Quarter Horse travelled from Belgium all the way to Mallorca. LOC transported him from Calais to Barcelona and from there Carlos Lantero took him safely on the boat to Mallorca.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

A huge thank you for the transport of Mister Dual Remedy from Calais to Barcelona, it's the second time I've used LOC. and your service is second to none. Here is my beautiful QH arriving from Barcelona with Carlos Lantero to his new home in Mallorca. thank you so much.

Diane Graham.

Saying thank you with Muffins!

WOW! How are we supposed to concentrate on work when we receive such lovely deliveries!! This stunning hamper of luxury Muffins from Regency Hampers Limited were sent in by Michelle Clayton from Lanzerote as a Thank You for the safe delivery of her mare (Rosie) to Spain.

Michelle, who purchased the lovely Clydesdale last year, has been plagued by one delay after another but finally under the watchful eye of Ben Mayes and the team at Mayes and Scrine Equine Vets, Rosie was fit and well enough to make the long journey to Southern Spain, where she would catch a ferry over to the Island of Lanzarote.

Rosie travelled like a superstar and Michelle is so pleased to finally have her home.

Thank you to Jemma Cooper and Tim Wilkins for the safe transport of Rosie on her various journeys, and everyone in the office for the arrangements Liz O'connor, Jodi Walker, Sharon Brooks, Gillie Fuller, Mary Loc. Yum Yum! - It's double choc chip for me!.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

A Big Thank you to Michelle - we'll be feasting on this lot for days!

Yvonne's Story

Here at LOC we are lucky enough to receive many great testimonials & stories from our clients, that make us smile and appreciate why we do this as a job. None are so poignant as the following story shared with us by Yvonne Peek and her lovely horse Rafi who recently travelled with us from Spain to the UK. This is a heart-warming story that encourages anyone who reads it to seize the day and make the most of every opportunity!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

My name is Yvonne and I was born 13 weeks early and as a result have Cerebral Palsy which affects my balance, coordination and walking. I have always said I try not to let it stop me doing things and this is true, having said this the last seven months have been a total revelation to me. However, before it is possible to explain the situation now, some back story is needed.

I started riding with Epsom Riding for the Disabled when I was 11 as a form of physiotherapy. It gave me freedom and independence I did not have when walking and it made me happy.

Life moved on, I completed GCSE's, A levels and went off to university in Preston and graduated with a 2:1 in Deaf Studies.

I found a job at an investment company and life was ticking along. I had continued riding and at this point I had been having lessons at Wildwoods in Tadworth on their mechanical horse and also real horses.

On 1st May 2015, my life as I knew it was turned upside down. My brother Andrew died in his bed and life changed unimaginably. He was my person, he was the non disabled one of the two of us and yet he had died at 25 from a blockage in his heart.

I saw the doctor, thought I was coping ok and went back to work. I also decided now was the time to grab opportunities. I spoke to Anthea at Wildwoods and said if you were to suggest anywhere for a horse based adventure, where would you send me? I was honestly expecting her to say a trek somewhere. Instead she said go to Borana lodge in Kenya.

After an initial email explaining I can't get on or off without assistance I found myself on a horse back Safari in Kenya riding twice a day every day for 9 days, among giraffes, elephants, lions and we even saw a cheetah. It was an amazing experience that I will not forget.

It was the time after Kenya that I would argue has had the most profound affect on my life. I came home and it soon became apparent that I hadn't dealt with Andrew's death at all and I was in need of intervention. I had hit absolute rock bottom and was not coping with every day life. My parents realised something was very wrong when I cancelled riding lessons - I had no motivation to do anything and was diagnosed as severely depressed and anxious.

After some time off work and extensive intervention from the medical profession, I found myself back riding. After a talk with another para rider, I found myself booking in for a lesson with Sarah Sjoholm-Patience on Trojan the mechanical horse at Wildwoods.

The training was amazing fun and I learnt a great deal from the first lesson. At the end of this session Sarah uttered the fateful words: 'if there is anything more I can do to help you, please make contact'. This was in October 2016.

After a day of reflection, I realised that I needed to find a way of having more training with Sarah. I booked in for another mechanical horse lesson and asked her if she would be prepared to work with me some more. I broached the subject of the possibility of looking for a horse for me with Sarah and luckily she considered it a good idea.

I have always wanted my own horse, but this was the first time someone was behind me with the experience to help me find the right horse for me.

We put adverts up on British Dressage asking for possible horses for a para rider. The intention was to see lots of horses in the UK. It didn't work out that way. As soon as anybody saw 'para' in the title, we ended up with horses that were substantially older than I hoped for, or worse still, horses that required lots of leg. We had decided a Spanish type might be an idea as I don't rise to the trot so the search began.

We saw a few adverts that looked promising, but none were quite suited to my requirements.

By this time we had reached December and still not had success. We decided that the time had come to go to Spain and go horse shopping there! Trying to arrange horses to view over Christmas was a bit of a headache for Sarah but by the end of the year, we had a date. We were going to Malaga on the 6th January 2017.

Sarah came with me as my trainer and able bodied Grand Prix Dressage rider as well as my friend. As it turned out, it was a very good thing she did.

The plane had an aborted landing into Malaga airport because of a fox on the runway.... good start 😃

The horses we had lined up were in different places so there was a long journey when we arrived to see the first horse. We had agreed in advance that I would only ride those horses that Sarah was happy for me to. All the people we were visiting were aware it was a para horse we were looking for.... it didn't mean they had honestly thought about it. The hunt for my horse was not going to be straight forward. We saw several horses the first day, only one suitable enough for me to try, and none of the type we were looking for.

Day 2 of horse shopping trip dawned and both Sarah and I were in for a shock. I have Cerebral Palsy and sometimes my legs spasm. The trouble is, my body was so overwhelmed by the day before, both my legs and my arms were spasming and I couldn't walk at this point, let alone ride..... Sarah had the quickest guidance in history in Physiotherapy and with a shower and Sarah's hard work we managed to get me to a state I could walk. Plan B had to be invoked though, today I was only getting on the horse if it could be 'the one'.

The first horse we saw on the second day was much more what we were looking for. I had a ride, but it quickly became apparent that the spasms were going to be a problem. The second horse we saw was called Dominate and he was beautiful. The agent we had on this day had very limited English to go with our limited Spanish. Dominate was being shown in a very small school but I could see immediately he was much more like what we needed and his paces were really nice. Sarah rode and was happy for me to get on in Walk only for about 5 minutes as the spasms had not settled at all.

The last horse we saw before flying home was not appropriate as a para horse and made Dominate even more appealing. Seeing the final horse confirmed that we had found the horse for me in Dominate. Now came the difficult part.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

We flew home and then came the task of telling my parents my intention to buy a horse if he passed the vetting. He had the most amazing brain on him but he was young.

Sarah and I had a long discussion about his age, and after thinking about it for 24 hours a decision was made. Sarah said she was happy for me to put an offer in to purchase on the proviso that I understood that the training process would take longer and I wouldn't be able to ride him for a while.... Yes, I was prepared to accept that. He would still be MY horse and a beautiful, handsome one at that.

We castrated him in Spain so then had to wait for that to heal. LOC were amazing and when he healed more quickly than anticipated, we managed to get him on an earlier journey over here. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. My first horse was finally on his way to his new home.

The drivers kept me updated with pictures of how he was getting on but it honestly felt like the longest 5 days! He was dropped off in the afternoon of Saturday February 11th. I finally had my own horse!

He arrived in the snow and was at first less than impressed at bedding in his stable. It was obviously something he was not used to.

The first few weeks with Dominate, who has a stable name of Rafiki, shortened to Rafi have been exciting and have learnt lots in a short space of time.

He has made a good impression on people, has the most amazing temperament. We are still getting used to each other but in a strange turn of events I am now also having training with Sarah back at Epsom RDA where it all began for me.

Rafi's first outing was to a clinic with Stephen Clarke in May and I was there as a very proud and happy horse owner. Start as we mean to go on!!

It has been an adventure so far but I am thankful to LOC horse transport for getting Rafi here safely.

Thank you to Rafi for being the right horse at the right time for me. Here is to the future! Nothing can change the past and the impact that has had but Rafi has literally helped me find a point to life. Here's to making the most of opportunities that present themselves and thank you to LOC also for their continued assistance.

Thanks to Mum and Dad for allowing me to ride in the first place and Stella and all at Epsom RDA for their support and shared happiness for me having a horse of my own.

Huge thanks to Sarah Sjoholm-Patience for continuing to be on my side, training of both Rafi and I and always finding a way to make me smile, even in the toughest of times. I am very grateful to call you my friend as well as my trainer. I really hope you understand just how much you have helped me turn my life into something better. I am excited for what the future will hold for Rafi and I and want to thank you for helping me find a way to be happy again.

To those who say it's 'only a horse', I honestly don't know where I would be without mine...


VIP Private Transport for pony and Cart to France

LOC's VIP Private loads are perfect for those wanting a dedicated transport service with all the bells and whistles. Little Freddie here had a super journey and travelled like a star (and his cart came along too!). Thank you Valerie for the lovely feedback.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Hi Jodi’

Everything went really well with the travelling and Freddie is settling in well in his new home in France. Sally did a really great job and the service was excellent from start to finish. Some pictures of his arrival attached.

His next move might be to New Zealand, if so we will give you a call, I am sure Sally would love the trip!!

Thank you again for the excellent service.

Kind Regards


LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Connemara pony from the UK to France with a stayover at LOC HQ

Here's another comment from one of our clients after the arrival of her lovely Oliver!

Dear LOC Team,

A thousand thanks for your great work. Oliver is now well with us.

I saw immediately that you do this job with heart. You were so loving with the horses in the transporter. You've left Oliver's time to get out quietly and get dressed. I was so excited and you calmed me and helped me so nicely.

The whole organization of you is very professional. That you always me with Emails kept up to date and even sent me a photo of Oliver, I found so great. Many thanks for everything!!!!!


Young filly transported from Spain to France – happy owners, happy filly!

Thanks for your email. Guitarra is settling in well.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Thank you once again for the excellent service she received. Without your expertise she would not have walked off the lorry so calm and stress free. Thank Tim and Paul from us. I attach a couple of photos of Tarra in her new home.

From Anne, Andy and Guitarra.

Lusitano X Friesian Stallion to join ranks of competitive jousting, 17th century TV and film specialists!

It's really quite amazing the different stories we hear from our clients, and the variety of jobs that the horses we transport do. Dominic Sewell of Historic Equitation is an experienced historical rider and successful competitive jouster. The company provides historical equestrian shows, events and attractions - the most popular services including Jousting and Skill-at-Arms. They also provide specialist equine services for film and TV. A little while back, we transported the rather impressive Lusitano x Friesian stallion ‘Faraon’ from Spain to join the team. This is what Dominic had to say:

Hi Jodi, The boys arrived well, and are settling in well.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Dear Jodi, Thanks for the kind email! Faraon has settled brilliantly and has already started his training for his job.

What makes him special is that his cross breeding Lusitano/Frisian is a perfect for the work we do. He is schooling, hacking and has just had a hawk flown to and from him.

Thank you. Dominic Sewell.

You can find their website at and read more on the work they do: www.historicequitation.com

Did you know!

LOC Limited International Horse Transport can arrange International flights as well as ground transport? These lovely boys, Ozzy and Seamus, have relocated back from Texas, USA to Scotland with their doting owners Kerry and Alasdair. They travelled like superstars on the flight from Houston Texas to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, had a good rest and then hopped onto one of LOC's VIP boxes for the final leg of the trip to a very cold, stormy and snowy Scotland.

Hi Jodi, The boys arrived well, and are settling in well.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

I left Ali in charge yesterday and when he let them out in the field for a short period yesterday they almost escaped. Al hadn’t shown them the perimeter of the fence and Ozzy went charging up the field and saw the electric fence a little too late. Thankfully the property is quite set back from the road & Al managed to shut the gate of our drive before they could escape further.

After fixing the fence, they had another turn out with no mishaps :). They are in today as we have winds of up to 65 mph and snow on the way. Poor things they won’t know what’s hit them.

Thanks for the help & patience. It’s lovely having them back home. Thanks again for getting them here safe and sound :-).

Kind Regards, Kerry O'Neill.

Germany to UK

Lovely feedback from Jenny Bourne, we collected a rather stunning German Riding Pony 'Fin' for her from Germany and delivered it just in time for half term holidays.

Once I had spoken to your office I didn't bother to get quotes from any other companies. I liked the way everyone was so helpful and made the whole experience seem easy (as it was our first time importing). It was good to have the drivers name and number. He also emailed with pictures of the horses when he stopped for the night.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Germany to UK

Couldn't fault anything and if I ever needed to transport or pick up abroad I would only use LOC. I will definitely recommend to my friends. The family I bought the pony from also thought the service was fab and their daughter was won over by knowing she could contact the driver during the trip.

Relocating with horses to France

Hi Jodi,

Hope that you and your team had a great Christmas and that you all have a fantastic New year.

Apache, Isa, Toby and Satin all arrived in great condition and there was not one sign of any stress to any of therm. They were all so very calm. This just shows how well the team operate and the professionalism with which they do it.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Relocating with horses to France

I would definitely use LOC again if need be and would very definitely recommend to anyone else considering a move. I have hopefully attached some photos which you are more than welcome to use on your web site etc.

Once again, thank you so much for all your help and that 2017 brings great things.

Kind regards, Colin & Suzi

Spanish Stunt Stallion travels from Spain to the UK

Hi LOC thankyou so much for getting my stallion safely all the way from Spain, he came off the lorry happy and easy to handle, percy is loving life in England and has even had his first stunt lesson.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Spanish Stunt Stallion travels from Spain to the UK

I highly recommend your company and the service you provided was incredible, thankyou so much (here are a few pics of his arrival and time so far in England) 😊

Daniela Pezzato

Rain doesn’t stop play for LOC Horse Transport!

Some of you may remember the floods in and around Málaga, Spain at the end of last year. LOC were there at the time and fortunately were unaffected, but this picture taken by a client of the horses' paddocks shows the severity of the flooding. Nevertheless her horse 'King Of Leon' made a smooth and uneventful journey from Spain to the UK. Thank you Nyna for the kind feedback! :).

Hi Jodi, yes he arrived perfectly,we were really happy with him as a friend had used another company the month before to do the exact same journey and her horse landed in a right old state, a rack of bones and stressed and almost wild - Leon got to his new home relaxed still fat and happy!!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Rain doesn’t stop play for LOC Horse Transport!

We were very lucky with timing as his spanish yard got flooded the day afterwards and all the horses have been stuck in for 10 days.

Many thanks

Flora to France

We recently took Flora's 3 super horses out to France - one was a particular favourite of Liz's - a real stunner, however when Liz joked with Flora that she would like to keep it, Flora simply suggested trading the horse for our new lorry! LOL :) - Suffice to say no deal was struck!

Hi Liz,

I wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all your team for looking after our 3 horses so well for their journey from Culworth Northampton, to Normandy France!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Flora to France

They all looked very happy and relax when they arrived in France and I think they enjoyed travelling in your immaculate new lorry! Tim is so great and so professional!

Many thanks

Relocating Brandy Boy to Belgium

We were fortunate to transport a very special horse, Brandy Boy for @Gina Wessels following her relocation to Belgium. Some lovely words from Gina

What customer service! He arrived cool as a cucumber and is setting very well into his new home.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Relocating Brandy Boy to Belgium

We'll definitely use you guys again!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Connemara pony from the UK to France with a stayover at LOC HQ
Connemara pony from the UK to France with a stayover at LOC HQ

Hello! Thanks for the safe delivery of Lime:)) I'm not with him for another 3.5 weeks😵.. but the lady has sent me a photo of him happily chilling in his new pasture:)

Rachel Stokes

Transporting a PRE stallion from Spain to Scotland – Dressage victory within a month!

Great email from Kevin who purchased the stunning Panaero from Dominique Parsons-O'sullivan of Andalusians by Dominique Dressage at the end of last year. He travelled with LOC from Huelva, Spain to Scotland in December and Kevin just sent us these lovely pics of them wininng their first dressage test on Saturday! Well done Kevin :)

Hi, Panaero has settled in really well with no obvious stress from the journey.

These are two photos taken on the day he arrived. The service was first rate. Here are the photos of Panaero during our first dressage test on Saturday.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Transporting a PRE stallion from Spain to Scotland – Dressage victory within a month!

You brought him from Spain to Scotland in December. By the way....we won first time out."

Kevin Malyan, Tim Wilkins, Paul Hulbert, Anton R F Frisby

A little holiday in Germany

We recently transported Yvonne Esterhaus' beautiful horse and two adorable little minis over to Germany. Some lovely feedback thank you Yvonne.

My horses are very well and Tim was amazing.

Even my friends where tim dropped my horses of said 100% recommended.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - A little holiday in Germany

I am very happy. I will get back to you in the summer to bring my horses back to Plymouth 😀.

Thank you very much" Tim Wilkins, Jodi Walker, Liz O'Connor, Sharon Brooks, Jemma Cooper

Private VIP Transport from Lithuania to the UK

Dear Jodi,

I wanted to thank the LOC team and in particular Tim for the absolutely superb organisation of the transport of Pojene from Vilnius to London.

Communication with Abbie and you was easy and straightforward. The trip was very well organised and despite some minor issues went surprisingly smoothly. Tim was brilliant. I could not have wished for a better travel companion for my horse and me. I would happily use LOC for my next move.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very happy 2017!


Relocation of Horses from the UK to France

Hi Jodi,

Thanks so much for your email and I must apologise as I had been meaning to get in touch to thank you but we have had a lot of communication problems since we got here and still have no landline and therefore no internet.

The horses seemed to have travelled very well and have now settled into their new home and are enjoying the lovely rides that we have here. Tim was really great and he gave me confidence that the horses would be OK on their journey, although I was quite tearful when the lorry pulled out of the drive with my precious cargo!

My husband took some photos of the horses loading and I will send them to you as soon as we have a moment to put them on the PC, we are still surrounded by numerous boxes!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - VIP Horse transport UK to France

I will certainly recommend LOC to anyone who asks, so thank you so much for your service and for being so helpful and reassuring.

Very many thanks - Roz

Niveem Sims had to decide whether to relocate her beloved horse Max to France or retire him in The Isle Of Man – thankfully LOC could help!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport UK to France

Max has settled lovely in France.

Thank you for looking after him at your place and on his travels.

I had 2 choices - put Max in an Old Horses Home (he's a very young 23 yr old) in the Isle of Man, or try to bring him to France where we had moved a year earlier. Heartbroken, my daughters work commitments meant that she could not longer keep him and so I made an enquiry to LOC and despite all the difficult logistics of moving him off an island in the north to France, they were so helpful and made it happen. He stayed with them for about a week where they sorted out his vet check and all the DEFRA paperwork before travelling on to me. He arrived happy and totally stress free. And they were extremely competitive with their prices.

Thank you Jodi and LOC - Niveene Xxxx

Tim Wilkins & Paul Hulbert took this great shot in Barcelona when they delivered the lovely AES (Anglo European Studbook) mare called Summer to a very happy Oriol in Spain this month. Hannah wrote us this lovely email:

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Spain to the UK

"Hi Liz, Summer was found by British Dressage rider Hannah Doggett for Oriol Matas riding school, Terra Eqūestre, which is just outside of Barcelona, Spain.

Summer is by the Small Tour dressage stallion Samara Fly, who is competed by Hannah in the U.K. Terra Eqūestre boasts fantastic facilities for all levels of rider within easy reach of Barcelona and also has the families stud on site, Yeguada Jordi Matas, which has bred many successful PRE horses.

Thank you again for your fabulous job of delivering Summer. She has settled in really well. Kind regards, Hannah."

VIP Charter Transport for horses to France

Last week we transported dear Bizarro over to his new home in France for Julia Alemany Bird. Due to timings and because she only wanted the very best for her boy, Julia opted for our VIP Private load package and Andrew Gebbie delivered him safe and sound to France - A big thank you to Julia for this lovely message and some photos of his arrival. The first one is at our base having a sleepover before his journey.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - VIP Horse transport UK to France

"Dear Jodi,
Just to say a very heartfelt thank you to Liz, Andrew and you for organising and getting my very special boy out to his new home in France.

My dad took a couple of photos this morning..for a 19 year old not very travelled stallion and going on his own for the second time ever he looks pretty damn good!

He doesn't want to go in the stable but can chose if he wants! A bit dark and strange!

It was worth sacrificing my bathroom for transport fit for a king

With love & thanks
Julia & Bizarro"

You can read more on what they have been up to on Julias Facebook page Horse Human Harmony

Racehorse transport from Reading to Essex

These lovely messages were received from Laura and Caroline his morning.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from TReading to Essex

Laura: “Thank you Loc for another great drop off. One of our race horses, mill green (louis) has arrived to Essex for his holiday from the pre training yard in lambourn. Fantastic service as usual and will be sure to use you again.

Caroline: “Hey Jodi, Just wanted to say a quick thank you! I was really impressed with how easy you made it to bring my friend's horse over from France so rang you late Tuesday with an SOS to bring our broken horse home from training and 48 hours later he was happily tucked up in his stable. Particular thanks to you in the office for putting up with me and to Andrew the driver who also maybe didn't have the best access at the racing yard for a large lorry......... Will recommend you to anyone looking and will be in touch next year to take the mare for covering and bring the others home at the the end of the season!

Kind Regards

Spain to Cheshire

Lovely message received this morning from Josephine. The gorgeous Olorosa travelled beautifully with LOC from Murcia, Spain to Cheshire with Rosanna & Tim.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Spain to the UK

Hi Liz, She is actually settling in very well, eat gras for the first time and have my gelding as friend. Rain is probably better then to much heat :)..

I will think off your company when we move to Germany in 3 year :) Have a nice Christmas and Happy New year and thank you for taking care of my Princess... Josephine Serra

Lovely Spanish horse transported to the UK
LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Spain to the UK

Hi Jodi,

Thank you for your email. Relente and I are really fed up with the rain. He is stabled day and night at the moment, never had any grass or been in a field so our vet has advised a very slow introduction - lots of hand grazing which he loves!

Have a few photos you could use, one is him hand grazing, he loves licking his salt rock and two from some training we took him to - he was an absolute superstar. Has to have some teeth out so he is currently just ticking over before ten days off then we can crack on and hopefully have him out competing in the new year.

Thank you to you all for looking after him so well. I will definitely use you again.

Thanks, Hannah

Horse Transport from the Balearics to the UK with LOC International

Did you know we can arrange transport to & from from the Island of Mallorca? These lovely black beauties (aka Melissa and Black Beauty :)) were collected from Majorca by Alba Pujol and looked after in Barcelona until the LOC lorry with Tim & Rosanna arrived in Barcelona to pick them up. They are now back safe and happy with Rachael and she had this to say.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Balearics to the UK

Hello, I kept meaning to write and say thank you so much. The horses arrived very relaxed and happy. It was a long journey but they didn't seem bothered at all. I met Tim who was fabulous.

Thank you again you were fab. 😀 😀

Horse & Pony transport from Portugal to Wales

The lovely Shetland, Alfie and Lusitano mare - Lady, now safe and sound in Wales in their new home. The mare has taken Alfie under her wing and treats him as if he were her foal so they were inseparable throughout the journey. Thanks to Len & Alan for the great pictures and feedback!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Portugal to Wales

Thank you so much for bringing Alfie and Lady from Portugal for us.

Pic of lady and Alfie in their new home. Thanks again

LOC Horse transport herd from England to Spain

Early last month we transported Von Thomas's little herd of 9 horses from England to Spain on one of our VIP Charter loads, she sent us these lovely photos and message. Thank you Yvonne and we're wishing you all the very best in your new life in sunny Spain!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport to Spain

Hi Jodi

We have had a whirlwind time since being here! Still very busy and many things to do …….

The transport was wonderful, all arrived safe, well and happy (apart from my very naughty donkeys braying and scaring some show jumpers at 6am in the morning but that’s another story LOL). I have attached a few photos of the little people that you can use. Feel free to also use any that Di took.

I’d just like to say thanks to Diane Gaunt and Miranda, they looked after the boys and girls superbly and very professionally. We had many laughs along the way, even in the early hours of the morning. I’ve already recommended you a couple of times on forums where people have asked who to use and I will continue to do so. It was worth every penny I spent to get my herd here safe and well, Mishka cat is enjoying her freedom and even the plants survived! Look forwards to seeing a post from you.


LOC Horse transport Spain to the UK

Vicki’s heart-warming story of finding ‘The One’ – That one special horse that you know is perfect for you - and making a dream come true by bringing a Spanish horse to England.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport to France

It's all too easy to forget that behind every horse move there's a real life story, so when we revived lovely feedback from Vicki Eeles about her new horse we had transported via Sofie at Andalusitano and we asked Vicki for her story we certainly didn't expect what she wrote - please take the time to read on and nver give up on your dreams!....

Jodi, the story behind Jabato is a bit strange and somewhat complex.

My husband and I were playing a game of "what if", with regard to a plot of land he owns that has recently been put forward to a local council for development. Its been a very long process!

However I had always refused to play that game in case it was turned down but for some reason I did play along and I started looking at PREs, and he started looking for a good, luxury vehicle to carry his trials bike in. I have been saying for almost forty years "the next one will be Andalusian" and it never was...always a TB or in one instance a Warmblood (who I still have, in retirement).

So..back in April I started looking online and the fiftieth horse I looked at, over about 5 weeks, I said out loud..."I just found my horse". It was Jabato.

Then life stuff just happened, I was busy qualifying for the Nationals with my TB, and life just ticked over.

Every now and again I would have a look online to see what was available but for some reason always found myself returning to the site to look at Jabato. But it was a game of "what if"....

My husband retired in August, and enjoyed two weeks of retirement before being diagnosed with colonic cancer. Our world kind of went into a flat spin.

He knew he was about to have major surgery, and the day before he went in, he told me I was to go and buy that lovely grey horse. I said No...not now...maybe after Christmas..priorities have changed.

He got very cross and insisted I did it now, or he would be sold. I said he was still available 5 months after I saw him so he may well be there, and if not, I have never met him, so the agent would find me another I liked as much. He made me promise. He told me to use the money I had when I took early retirement from the Civil Service, that I thought would top up our pensions if the land deal fell through.

The following day he had surgery and at 4am the following morning I received a phone call that he had to be rushed back into theatre after 4 pints of blood transfusion...I almost lost him and any thought of a new horse went out of my head.

The first thing he asked me when he came round was if I had done anything about it.............

So the agent and I decided that the best course of action was to have him vetted first. If he failed I would not have had the heartbreak of riding him, and if I had him vetted after I would have still lost the vetting money anyway...so I went ahead with it and he passed. The agent videoed the vetting and sent it to me.

I still couldn't go to Spain with Richard so ill, and he was in hospital for 3 weeks. After he came home, and was fairly mobile, I got a friend to come and spend the day with him, and I "did Spain in a day"...I got a 6.25am plane to Malaga (so I left my house at 3.15am, walked back in 8.45 pm) ), the agent picked me up from Malaga airport and took me out to the remote valley where the horse was. There is a real connection between the two of us, hard to explain but I knew which box he was in as I walked onto the yard, and all the doors had bars up so no heads looking out. I had no idea how I knew where he was...I just did....walked straight to the stable.

I rode him, and knew within 2 minutes that he was absolutely my horse. So I bought him.

I was sitting in Juan Martin Vasquez's kitchen with Anne-Sofie Veronica Lyrefelt (Sophie Gates) when she rang LOCs and arranged to have him collected the following Tuesday.

And when he stepped off the lorry into my yard last Saturday I knew he was the right one.

My husband has now started his chemotherapy, the prognosis is good....so I am hoping our beautiful unicorn will spread some of his magic dust over my husband.

He is a lovely horse.....and we are still connected....very strange but very real.

Thanks for everything LOC did and for all your help.


PS. I would like to thank all in the office at LOC Limited International Horse Transport, but especially driver Cameron, for the safe delivery of my horse Jabato. Both he and Philip did a wonderful job during that long week, but it was Cam who delivered him.

His care and kindness toward my horse was exemplary, even extending to a late night check for any travel sickness after he had delivered my lovely horse, and before he himself went to bed for the night.

I would not hesitate to recommend LOCs to anyone who needed to travel a horse long distance. Thank you all for your care and great service.

Regards, Vicki Eeles.

PLOC Horse transport to France
LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport to France

Hi is amazing and settled in really well and we went to our first competition on sunday and had a clear round and came sixth as it is straight against the clock and we went for a steady clear - so a very happy horse and rider - thank you


Paderborn, Germany to UK horse transport transport
LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from Paderborn, Germany to UK


Yes, we are pleased with the service, although Sol seemed tired he looked great and seemed very happy. We were so impressed with the updates, Grace is 11 and the 2 days Sol traveled she text me at least 50 times each day to see how he was! So I did contact Liz a lot (not 50 times a day), every time I sent a text she text straight back with an update!

Thanks again for the fantastic service. Grace(my daughter) was delighted to see him!

Above are photos! The right one is where he heard Graces voice call him! So sweet, they have an amazing bond!

Thanks again, Nicole Gillard

Horse transport from Tenerife to the UK

The lovely Max travelled with us from Spain to England on a private dedicated VIP load and as you can see he’s happy and settled back in the UK and his delighted owner had this to say:

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from Tenerife to the UK

Hi Jodi,

Max has settled in incredibly well! He travelled so easily, I am so so pleased he is here, I am sure he is happier here than he was in those mad summer temperatures in Tenerife!

Thank you for all your help, the experience couldn't have gone smoother!

Nicki X

Transport for a Spanish stallion and gelding to the UK

All arrived in Scotland safe and well. We had a good run up the road with less traffic than we had on the way down.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Transport for a Spanish stallion and gelding to the UK

Again thanks for all your good work, was a very good service.

Best regards, Bill Mckay

Friesian Mare and foal transported from Germany to Scotland with LOC!
LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from Germany to Scotland

Thank you Abbie I will definitely be back to you in the future should I buy another or need to get a horse transported for a client, you guys were without a doubt a 5 star service!

You all played your part in my dream coming true! The girls are settled and so well mannered and sweet we love them to bits. Thank you to you all at LOC especially Abbie, Tim and Cat you did an amazing job and they really did arrive in great shape and not stressed at all!!

Best Wishes to you all and I will be recommending you to all my horsey friends/clients!! Thank you again Abbie x do

Laura’s 21 year old horse, Rondo, travelled on a VIP load to Germany with LOC and was so pleased to have him home – Rondo travelled like a pro even at his grand age.

Dear Jodi and everyone at LOC,

Thank you for asking.

Thank you so much for delivering Rondo happy and healthy to his new home in Germany.

Even though moving to another country is always stressful dealing with everyone at LOC was a very pleasant experience and I was never in any doubt that you would get Rondo here safely.

Anton did a great job, loading a horse that hates being loaded in a couple of minutes and making his journey as little stressful as possible.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from England to Germany

I cannot thank you enough!

All the best
Laura and Rondo

LOC transported this lovley Hanoverian dressage mare from Germany to the UK


Thank you for asking.

Donna has settled well with Lucie. Here she is meeting her new neighbour Brydie (another young horse of mine that Lucie rides and competes) and then within a couple of days they are out together. For now Donna is just having some time out to settle and recover from her journey but our aim is to contest the Hanoverian Premium Mare Performance Test this autumn. Hosted by the British Hanoverian Horse Society, Donna will aim to get her Premium badge of honour as a future brood mare. Lucie will train her towards this goal in 2016, and the plan then is for her come home to me in cheshire as my BD horse for the years to come.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from Germany to England

I found her last autumn in a barn in Germany, an unbacked 3yo, and she just wanted to come home with me :) I'm hoping I have found a horse that will take me through to medium level dressage...

Thanks for looking after her

Horse transport from England to Austria


Romeo is doing very well. He is very nice and sweet.

Here are some pictures of Romeo in his new home.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from England to Austria

Best regards

Update of Spanish PRE gelding LOC Transported


Each time I retrieve my passport from its LOC folder, I wonder if you would like an update on Toto.

Attached are two photos from Hartpury, where he placed in both classes. Nearly PRE gelding champion, but organisers said I didn't run fast enough!

Thank you and the girls again for bringing me such a wonderful pet, and spirited horse. We have fun, and despite my awful nerves do really well at shows.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Update

So proud of him and feel very lucky.

Horse transport from Spain to England

Hi Jodie,

Sorry for the delay in getting the photos over to you, life's been crazy busy lately!

Morgan has settled in remarkably well and is loving the grass now that she's learnt to graze without pulling the roots up with the grass!

We hack out most evenings making the most of the warm weather and getting Morgan used to the sheep, cattle, deer and traffic before winter! She has so much to learn but, so far, is coping admirably.

Thanks again for all your help and to Emma and Tim who did such a wonderful job delivering my precious horse safe and sound to me.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from Spain to England

Keep up the great work

Private, dedicated Horse transport to Switzerland

LOC recently transported Siri Brugger and her gorgeous horse Choice to Switzerland on a VIP Charter Load, what brilliant feedback. Best of luck in your studies Siri!

Hi Jodie,

Before my study starts in September I (a 20 year old girl from Switzerland) had about 6 months time to travel around but I didn’t wanted to go abroad without my horse CHOICE. I started to look for a farm in England to work where I also could take my horse with me. Luckily I found a place at Oakleigh Farm Stud close to Lincoln.

At the beginning of March, the adventure began. I had a fantastic time there and I learnt a lot about working in a professional yard and I improved my English skills a lot. I wanted to stay until the end of July or August but unfortunately I had an accident and so I decided to go home earlier.

I started to look for a company for my horse’s transport and decided to travel with LOC as a private transport to Switzerland, where I had the possibility to travel with my horse. I got picked up on a Sunday morning and we had a break for the night in Reigate. Early morning we continued our travel and arrived at the stable at home after a long journey later that night.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - dedicated Horse transport to Switzerland

I can’t say how grateful I am for the help of the whole LOC team. It was such a good and quick organisation and a very comfortable trip for my horse and me. I had a great time with the driver Cat Kerruish and Choice was very relaxed the whole time.

As soon as I unloaded Choice at home she remembered where she is like she’d never been away.

Thank you very much for everything! If I plan another long trip I want to travel again with LOC.

Siri and Choice

Horse transport from France to England

Hi Jodie,

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and the whole team, tucker arrived extremely relaxed and chilled out yesterday afternoon and is settling in really well in his new home. Thank you all for taking such good care of him!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport from France to England


This lovely gelding from Harrington Horses recently travelled with LOC on our VIP Charter Load Transport to Portugal and we received this fantastic feedback from Anabela who was so excited to meet her new boy

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for everything , for your sympathy and affection and also for all your pacience with me ! your work was incredible, the New Gold came really great and super relaxed!

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial - Horse transport Portugal / UK Portugal horse transport/ VIP horse Transport

Your work was incredible, the New Gold came really great and super relaxed! I want to thank a lot to Anton was super friendly , kind and attentive ! my thank you to all of you , we will work together often ! I'd love to see the photo on Facebook , many congratulations and much success !!

Kind regards

This is the lovely Normandy Cob “Betty Noire” (Black Betty) LOC transported her from Normandy to the UK recently and her delighted owner, Sam, had this to say

Hi Jodi,

I haven't heard too much from Avril apart from letting me know she had arrived last Friday morning, but I am going to see her on Friday so certainly will give you an update. Here are some photos I took when I was in France and decided to buy her! She was even more lovely then I remembered - such a friendly person and appeared to have recovered from her very long journey.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

I've attached a couple from today though I didn't take many as I was too busy cuddling her. Will send you one after she's been to the gym! Haha. Thanks for everything, Sam

Not like any other horse I've owned - more like a big dog!

Best wishes,
Samantha Drummond

Transport of a Normandy Cob from France to England

Hi Jodie,

Have attached a couple of photos of Noah arriving, and another when he was saying his first 'hellos' to Jasper and Reg. Instead of a long walk from 2 miles out of the village, we eventually managed to find a friendly local farmer around half a mile away who was happy for us to unload Noah in his farmyard, which gave your lorry plenty of space to turn around.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Your driver Cameron was very helpful, and did everything he could to make the whole process as easy and problem-free as possible. Noah arrived very calm and relaxed, unloaded perfectly, and quietly walked the half mile to Home Farm, where he has settled in very quickly.

Many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards, Neil

I had such a lovely surprise to read this email from Donna. We transported her cob to France 2 years ago and Donna sent this lovely update, it's so nice to hear the after stories and see how the horses we travel have settled into their new lives!

"Hi Jodi, Remember me from France!! Well, I thought you might like to see a few photos of my wonderful Freda. She is given me so much pleasure and I am so happy with her. We are having a lot of fun together. I can't believe that I've had her two years next month. I ride around four times a week on my own and have lovely canters on grassy tracks and walks on the country lanes. She loves my New Forest pony, TT and my two donkeys. Our relationship is very special and I wouldn't be without her as she is part of our family and I love her to bits. Can you please show these photos to Liz too.

She has changed so much and is so funny and sweet. I hope one day to try horseback archery with her. I've never done archery before, but it would be so much fun to try it. I've done some long reining with her too and we play around in the paddock doing silly stuff. I had a big sheet of tarpaulin that she would walk over, well, she got bored of doing that, so I put it over her back. This photo shows just how laid back she can be.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Lottie Dottie (the donkey) recovered well from laminitis thank you and last year she was fine, but this year she had it again, so we are restricting her just to the paddocks so that she can't eat too much grass. We have had a lot of rain this spring and then warm weather so we still have a lot of grass in our fields. Here is a photo of Lottie Dottie and her daughter Fuzzball. I get them to smile at me which is what they are doing in this photo. I should have cleaned their teeth first!!!

Yes, Freda has the best moustache doesn't she!! She certainly has the best life too.

Donna xxx

This chunky cob, Red was transported to France with LOC. We can also offer overnight stays for horses travelling from further afield wither in stabling or turn out and Red stayed with us while he waited for the rest of the load and for the vet to sign his health certificates off to confirm he was fit to travel.

Good morning Jodi,

Just wanted to thank you all at LOC for a great service delivering red to me here in france. He arrived unphased by the whole experience and has settled in very well with his two donkey companions. The two drivers were excellent ambassadors for your team and will recommend you to all horsey people I know.

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

Can't thank you enough.

Best regards

Vanessa Howard

"Hi Liz,

Just to say a very, very big thank you to you and your team. Am pleased to report "Mr Ben" is happily grazing in his paddock none the worse for his journey. My husband is very pleased to have him "home", I fly out next Wednesday and am very excited to have all my animals under one roof so to speak. I am looking to make several other horse purchasers in the UK and would like to use yourselves and I will be recommending you and the service you have given us to all friends in France and the UK.

Many, many thanks again and Happy birthday for the 19th!

Kindest regards

Charlotte and "Mr Ben" xx"

"Can I say a HUGE thank you to you and your staff for delivering Hektor this morning to Persac, France .....he was sooo chilled and is now grazing in his new paddock. Please pass on my thanks to Martin and Cheryl for taking good care of him and keeping me informed of his movements.

This is the first time I have sent a horse abroad and I am very glad I chose LOC, it was a relief to see him safe and sound coming off the lorry.

THANK YOU ....all of you"

LOC International Horse Transport testimonial

"Hi Liz,

Polo arrived safe and sound at 7.30am this morning - he was completely chilled out and relaxed - thank you all for your help in making this a smooth transition not just for Polo but for us.

I have attached a photo of his first feel of French tarmac!

Cheers again and if you want to use this on your testimonials page and the picture feel free.

LOL Tanya x

ps. have recommended you on my FB page and on my horsey forum."

Export - UK to France

"Hi Liz,

We have a Livery and Lairage Yard in The Limousin France, over the past 8 years Liz has moved many horses for clients of ours and some of our own horses, both from France to the UK and from the UK to France, Liz also uses our Lairage facilities to rest horses when en route through Europe.

We highly recommend Liz and her team, they are lovely people, very professional, very experienced, and take excellent care of the horses in their charge. Having seen first hand how they work with the horses, we can honestly say they are very kind and patient.. and are excellent with difficult loaders and youngsters.

The lorry is lovely...always clean, very light and airy and can take very large horses with comfort and ease.

Thanks again Liz and the guys for all your help

See You soon - Deb and Chris White"


"Hi Liz,

Thanks very much for transporting Jenny - she settled immediately and is now integrated with her field mates. Martin was brilliant - and I'm sure she was so calm due to the way she was transported.

Your service was brilliant - friendly and professional from beginning to end. I will definitely recommend you.

thanks for everything,Sarah"

Local - Cornwall

"Dear Liz,

Bit belated but I wanted to thank you for the safe, happy and healthy delivery of my horses to mouterre in France. They are very special to me despite my husband sending the invoice referencing them as the 2 NAGS!!

They arrived relaxed and in perfect condition. In fact, so relaxed were they that we had our lovely 1st gentle hack around the French chemins the very next day!!

I really appreciated all the communication from yourselves. Also accommodating their preference to overnight in a field rather than a box!

Thank you again

Fiona (cockings-Mason)"

Export - UK to France

"Thank you for such a great job with the transportation of my 7 horses from Portugal. All arrived very well, a very caring and professional job

Thank you. Fiona"

Import - Portugal to UK

"I used your services 5years ago and have never forgotten what a great job u did and at the best price around too!

My horse travelled in luxury and arrived in perfect condition. Recommended u to lots of people and will be sure to call on your services again in the future should I need to :) x x


"Dear Liz,

thank you for your reply, of course you can use my email for your website, all the best for the future

Regards, Kerenza. x "

"Thank-you for bringing Foxy down to us! She's such a sweetie! Thank you so much! x"

"Dear Liz

Just to say a big thanks to you and your team, who did a brill job in transporting Oscar to his new home. Very impressed with James and his lady driver. There attitude,manner and professionalism was outstanding,sadly rare qualities now a days.

I will certainly recommend your firm to anyone!

Regards - Carol Hill"

"Everything went brilliantly and when my sister checked up on them on Sunday morning they were gallivanting around the field in the sun.

Thanks so much to you and Martin for sorting it all out for us...

Will be in touch if we move them again!!


Import - Ireland to Amersham

"Hi Liz

Thank you for your email, yes my little filly arrived safe and sound, she appears to be settling in very well.

Thanks to Martins expert and gentle handling she arrived relaxed and with the added bonus of having had a very positive first handling experience. It appears that she had had absolutely no handling prior to being transported.

Please pass on my warmest regards."

Import - France to UK

"Hi Liz

How are you doing? What a kind email to ask me about my babies!!!

Yes, they are settling very well to the UK “sunny” weather and grass. They have become very good friends with the horses at their new home. They are being ridden every day and they really look very, very happy and healthy.

In case anybody asks you for a place to leave their horses near London, I really recommend “my babies new home”... Sleapshyde Farm, St. Albans AL40SE UK Contact person: Wendy Richardson (+447971691160) Thank you very much again for you kind e-mail.

Regards, Jose"

Import - Spain to St Albans

"Hi Liz

Sorry for the long awaited reply but only just got internet up and running!

I cant thank you enough for transporting my two girls to Wales. They both arrived totally calm and relaxed, which was a surprise to me.

Thank you so much, will use you again when needed.

Hope you had a great Xmas and all the best wishes to you for the new year.

Jenni Lind Belle and Martha xxx"

Local - Gravesend

"Thank you Liz - appreciate that - an excellent service

The client has been in contact with updates on the horse is settling in .Just hope she can pick up French quickly!

All the best and thanks again Miranda

Export - UK to France

"Just a note to say that the pony arrived, very peaceful, this morning.

What a delightful couple your drivers (or whatever you call them)are. AND thank you so very, very much for bringing out the packages. It was very kind, much appreciated by me, and probably the pony, who has a new rug!

Excellent Service!

With every good wish - Sue Hulme."

Export - UK to France

"Hi Liz,

Been meaning to drop you an email to say the horses have settled very well.

Thank you very much from us and the 4-footers to you and Denise (who was fab). I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to anyone - I may well be getting a friend's horse down here from Surrey in the spring - and will be in touch again.

Have a great Christmas too and a Happy New Year

Best regards Karen"

Local - Bridford

"Thanks for a great service!


Import - France to Chesterfield

"Hi Liz,

Please convey my thanks to your drivers - both very polite and professional and a pleasure to deal with generally.

Regards, Kate."

Export - UK to France

"Just to say - Thank you so much for your help and support.

If you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to ask.


Export - UK to France

"Dear Liz,

I would just like to thank you Denise and Martin for the safe arrival of Muffin, Danielle has been as high as a kite since he arrived your service is just priceless.

If any of your team ever need anything while they are out here in Spain you have our contact number or just drop me an e-mail and I will be only to happy to help.

Thanks again Jan"

Export - Scotland to Spain

"Hello Liz.

Yes, Hallo has settled in very well. You would think he had never left Germany!!!!

Thank you so much for everything, If you ever need a recommendation let me know!

Yours, Di Frazer"

Export - Cardiff to Germany.

"Hi Liz,

I have already heard that the fillies have arrived in good condition.

It was a pleasant for me to meet you. I sold several horses to England before, but this way of management was the easiest way. Normally the transport date changes for example from Tuesday to Wednesday, oh, and then from Wednesday to Thursday...and so on. That´s difficult to plan for me.

Thanks also to you for the nice contact.

Best regards Nicole"

Import - Germany to UK

"Hi Liz,

Barry well and settled in, thanx for all your help...Denise ? and Martin? were VERY nice and did an excellent job and i will most certainly recommend you to all...

Thanx Fiona"

Export - Wiltshire to Spain

"Hiya Liz ,

Palomita looks great fed all the way ,seems quiet happy as though she only went a short ride round the block.

I only wish I had contacted you for the Spain to UK trip, in April. would have saved me crying for a month,watching poor Palomita get back to normal . Some people who are bringing a horse from UK to Portugal,next spring think they do riding holidays asked me to let them know how her travel went.

Big big thanks Wendy n Palomita"


"Dear Liz,

The horses arrived yesterday morning at 4h30 and Maxence at 11h00.....

The horses are very well....they may have like to travel with LOC Ltd !!! I want to thank everybody and you for your efficiency and your kindness...If she decides to come back in England next year with the horses I will call you straight away with great pleasure and from now on if I heard of people who want to move their horses I will give them your number without hesitation.

I'm going to France early morning ( without horse!!) for one month.

Thank you again Liz and all the best....

Yours Sincerely : Claire"

Export - UK to France

"Hi Liz

Thanks for letting me know they were good boys!

I will be in touch with any other European exports I have.

Many thanks for all your help.

Tanya x "

Export - UK to France

"Dear Liz,

Just a quick email to thank you for delivering Dotty the pregnant coloured mare to us last week. She's settled down beautifully and has been out for 2 hacks already, with no apparent ill-effects and as if she'd only travelled round the corner!

You are to be commended on their ability to deliver happy horses! Thanks again! I don't have any more horses up my sleeve to bring out, but will certainly recommend your services to anyone who does!

Best regards,

Val Newland"


"Hi Liz,

Just a quick message to say thank you to you and your smashing drivers for a very smooth trip.

All horses arrived in perfect condition ,lovely attitude from you and Martin.

Hope to travel horses again with you

Sara x "

Export - France to Spain

"Hi Liz

The horses arrived safely on Saturday. I just wanted to thank you for working so quickly to get the them on your transporter. I was thoroughly impressed with your organisation as well as with Denise and Martin who are incredibly experienced and professional and give the horses the highest care.

The horses came off the lorry looking like they had travelled only from Dorking instead of France. I have passed your details on to my friends who regularly import horses from Spain with my recommendations and I will not hesitate to use you again in the future.

Thanks again Jacqui"

Import - France to UK

"Hi Liz,

Many thanks, a job very well done. Your drivers kept us well updated along the route.

Polly did indeed arrive safe and well, all she wanted to do was drink. She now has 2 days rest before the last leg to Pollenca.

Regards Tom"

Export - UK to Malloca

"Dear Liz,

The horses have arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. Once again i want to thank Denise and Martin for bringing them over so quickly and in perfect shape and thank you for organising it all.

Best regards, Carole"

Export - UK to France

"Hello Liz

Just wanted to say thank you for delivering Mylo safely and for giving us such a good service.

I was very impressed with the way you handled the transportation of Mylo and felt that with Martin he was in very good hands. Mylo has settled in well and I would most certainly recommend you. T

Thank you.

Kind regards Jenny"

Local - Hertfordshire

"Hi Liz,

YOU DONE A EXCELLANT JOB WITH MY LITTLE MAN TO AUSTRIA! Thank you for making his trip a pleasant one. Thank you for bringing Karissma from Austria she has settled and is not mad now so i think it was just the loss of her mum, friends on the lorry and all the changes, but shes happy now.

Regards Karen"

Import / Export - Austria to Halifax

"Hi Lizz,

The three boys are fine, they have settled in without any problems and the heat does not seem to bother them too much!!

Please thank Denise and Martin for looking after them, I hope they have a safe journey back to you.

Thanks Izzie :-)"

Export - UK to Spain

"Hi Liz,

Sorry I've taken so long to reply...... computer problems again. I want to thank you again for your help and support that day, I was very nervous about it all, but you made it as easy as it possibly could be.

You were brilliant and I will recommend you to all my friends, and of course if Reuben does need to admitted again, I will certainly be in touch.

Thanks again, love Heather and Reuben"

Local - Sussex

"Just a quick note to you all.

Thanks for all your hard work and obvious experience in moving my 4 horses to France.

Your handling of them was fantastic and has removed a lot of worry I had in particular with Brewster. Diane was really impressed with how you dealt with them at the French end. Its great to have them there and our new lives in France have almost started!

I'm the last one left in the UK. I would recommend you to anyone.

Yours in horses

Jeremy and Diane Babbage"

Export - UK to France


Just like to say that you did the most wonderful job with them I could not have asked for any better, and your staff are wonderful! The horses are fine and I have started to ride them it is a bit hot here right now 87 today!

Thanks again - lynn"

Export - Devon to Bulgaria

"Hey Liz,

Thank you very much for a safe delivery of our horse. He was fine during the transport and nice and calm in his new stable now!

Thank you again!

Best wishes, Andrea"

Export - Borhamwood to Germany

"Hi Liz

That's great news thanks for your email. Can you please pass on a huge thank you to David and Denise.

They Kept in touch and put my mind at rest throughout the trip. I will look forward to speaking with them again during 'Gucci's return trip from Germany in September. Thanks again for a very professional, caring service.

Kind Regards Colleen."

"Thanks a lot for taking care of her all the journey from France!

If I need a lift home for her (not so soon I hope). I will know who to call"

"Just a short note to thank you for transporting our three mares from Germany so well last week, they have all settled in and are very happy with life!"

"After my previous experience with another carrier, you and your team made this part of life a pleasure."

"Thanks again for your care and thank Denise and Ben for me."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for transporting my two horses from the UK to Belgium. Your service was excellent and most professional, from reassuring a nervous owner ("The journey is actually quite short!"), to calmly loading one reluctant horse, and even unloading and turning the horses out at the end of the journey.

If the horses ever need moving again I'll definitely be contacting you!"

"Yes he has arrived safe and sound and is really chilled out. Denise is lovely and was really good with him.

Thank you so much


"Thanks, I'm really thrilled with him. He arrived very fresh and seemed to have enjoyed his journey with you, I think Denise had looked after him very well.

Thanks again


"Dear Liz – just a short note to thank you for transporting our three mares from Germany so well last week, they have all settled in and are very happy with life!

We may have some more later in the month and will be in touch, but thanks for all your hard work to date and the well organized and professional approach.

Kind regards


"Dear LocLtd

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Denise and Ben for the very good care they must have given to my horses, Elfa and BB. They arrived in a much better state than I thought they would have given the length of the trip and the fact that they were virtually unhandled.

I think Denise is right about BB going to be a bit of a handful though... going to be gelded asap!

Thank you again Denise,

All the best


"Hello Liz,

I have been meaning to send this for a while to thank you for the excellent way in which you transported my horse from Swansea to Portugal. Your two 'drivers' were brilliant, and my horse arrived in 100% condition.

Thanks again for your care and thank Denise and Ben for me.



"Hi Liz,

Just a quick message to tell you that Luna arrived this morning at her new home. She is now enjoying the grass of Ireland and is very happy to be in a field again!

Thanks a lot for taking care of her all the journey from France! If I need a lift home for her (not so soon I hope) I will know who to call!



"We've been meaning to email you for weeks now regarding the transport of our new horse Allowen from Great bookham on bank holiday Monday.

My self and my partner Leah were so impressed with your kindness and professionalism in collecting and delivery Allowen, especially on a bank holiday.

Thank you again for all your help, which is very much appreciated. Many thanks again.

Daniel and Leah"


Thank-you again, for delivering Sassy safe and sound to Indian Farm in Effingham, she has settled well.

Denise was professional and on time, we shared some great laughs and Blue Bell is an amazingly well equipped lorry. I am so happy to have found a well run professional outfit, I will be sure to pass along your details when anyone is in need of transportation for their horse(s). I will be in contact during the show season this summer,

Best regards,

Julie Fell"

"Hello Liz,

I just wanted to thank you and Denise very much for delivering Leo safe and sound. Leo being only two years old and his first journey in a lorry, I was amazed to find that after an eleven hour journey he had barely a patch of sweat on him and settled straight in to his new stable.

I could not have asked for anymore - I will without doubt use your service again and recommend you to my friends. Once again

Many Thanks and Happy Christmas.

Sarah Sheppard"

"Hi Liz,

Just a quick email to say thank you to you and Denise for making the moving day go as stresslessly as possible.

Denise was brilliant with the horses (and nervous owners!) and nothing was too much bother - even when we ended up having to unload on the main road through the village and walk quite a way to the yard!

I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who needs transport in the future and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Very best,


"Hi Liz

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your services as always my pony arrived in good condition and was not stressed at all. Will always use you in future and always recommend you to petplan clients.

Kindest Regards

Selina Hunt-Dewsbury"

"Hi Liz,

Thanks for your good service, Syd is fine, and travelled very well, I will let you know when i need a job doing next, thanks again,

Best regards


"Hope your journey to Newcastle was OK the other day.

Thank you for taking us out to the other side of no-where. As promised please feel free to use my recommendation on your website, should you wish to."


A big thank you for taking me and my horse to the vet. He is not the best traveller and I had concerns as the journey was going to take a several hours.

Your ability to manoeuvre your large lorry down the smallest of roads was remarkable. On arrival he showed no signs of stress and had been relaxed enough to eat his hay on the journey (a first!).

I would not hesitate to recommend you and I shall certainly be booking you for the return journey.

Many thanks to you and your staff.


"Thank you so much for your excellent removal service.

The horses travelled so well and are very happily established in their new home. Hope solo trip to France went OK!



"Hi Liz

Yes all sorted out now and horses happily ensconced in their new abode.

I had to e-mail and say how very impressed we were with your excellent service. The whole exercise went much better than if we had planned it ourselves. It was so reassuring to know that the horses could be seen from the cab at all times, and for us to get frequent updates on how the horses were faring, and how land where they were being stabled and rested.

They arrived back in great form, such a different situation from when they were taken out to Spain, when they arrived distressed, dehydrated and hungry, having travelled non-stop for the previous 24 hours, and detoured to Barcelona on the way !. The drivers told us this themselves !

Its so reassuring to see that they are being transported by people who are genuine horses lovers, and with excellent knowledge and concern for horse welfare.

Many thanks again, and please pass on our thanks to Denise (and Nick) for their excellent job !

Best wishes

Helen Doig"

"I just wanted to thank you for your services on Saturday.

We were very impressed with your professionalism and friendliness.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone else looking for horse transport.

Thanks again

Victoria Rayment"

"Hi Liz

Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for transporting Skye from Coventry to Dorking on 17 Feb.

Heather (lady I bought Skye from) also sends her thanks and well wishes. Skye has settled into her new home now.

Hope you are all well

Kate x"

"Dear Liz

I just wanted to say a really big 'Thank you' to you for organising the transportation of my 4 horses so efficiently and so well.

Denise and Mick were WONDERFUL - the horses were calm and relaxed when they arrived, couldn't believe they had actually travelled that far!! looked like they had just gone for a quick spin round the block!!

Denise and Mick also helped us lead the horses up a long track to the field as the lorry was too big (I had anticipated this) and then assisted us with unloading the furniture afterwards.

You are very lucky to have such professional and caring staff and I will most definitely be recommending LOC Transport at every opportunity! My friend is thinking of moving down here and I know that she was also very impressed.

Thank you all so much.

Kirsty Betts and Copper, Rae, Poppy and Sonny!"

"Dear Liz

Just a quick message to thank you and Denise for taking care of Splash on his trip up from Leicestershire.

He arrived happy and content after a long journey in warm conditions. I was very impressed to find Denise on the lorry after Splash had unloaded cleaning down every partition - at 2.30am!

Having moved horses to and from all over the UK in the past I was particularly impressed by your service and wouldn't hesitate to use your company again, or to recommend you. In fact, I have passed your details to the lady from whom Splash was purchased as she sells a large number of horses and ponies and she said she would use you as well.

With very best wishes

Joanne Fairbrother"

"Thanks for letting me know about the card Liz.

Harry has arrived safe and sound and is already settling well. Lovely to have him here! Denise is very nice, it wasn't an easy trip for her so she really did do well. She must be exhausted!

Mission accomplished - customer very satisfied!

Many thanks again,



Just to let you know Blossom arrived Saturday night, and apart from being knackered from the long day, she was in very good shape.

Thank you to both yourself and Denise, who after a long day herself was still smiling.

Kind Regards


"Hi Liz,

Many thanks for the superb service in moving our horses to our new home.

Denise was a real 'brick' and did a great job for us with a very large lorry on a very small road Lol! It's a pity we didn't know of you when we lived in France a we did an awful lot of business with Parkers - if you need a reference any time give us a call.

Please give our thanks and best regards to Denise and when we buy in more horses etc I'll give you a call.

All the best for now


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