Horse transport documentation

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We are very aware of the volume of paperwork that can build up when a horse travels, so in order to avoid any mix up or lost documents every horse, pony or donkey that LOC transports is given free of charge a very smart long life PVC folder to keep all of your horses’ details safe. It is clearly marked with you and your horses’ details so that there is no room for error. We also have stickers to label all of your horses’ tack, luggage and kit.

Micro chip scanner - we carry a micro-chip scanner with us on the lorry. We can match every horses' scanned micro-chip to their passport for your absolute assurance that the right horse moves to the right destination.

Sending baggage?

No problem, we label every box and bag that travels with you horse.

Our labelling system eliminates any lost baggage and ensures that your horses belongings are clearly labelled and are delivered at the right place with the right horse.

If you want to label all of your horses possessions prior to our lorry arriving then let us know and we will send as many labels out to you in the post as you need.

International horse transport by road, by sea, by air
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