Equine Air Travel

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LOC specialise in transatlantic Equine flights to a wide range of destinations and can handle every element of your horses travel. From your first contact with LOC, we will prepare a comprehensive and detailed quote within 48 hours of making the initial call.

About our Transatlantic Services

Horses travelling internationally are subject to various protocols dependent on their destination – LOC will advise you on the requirements and arrange all of the necessary paperwork and processes in order to ensure that your horse travels safely and legally.

Horses must travel with the appropriate documentation; some undergo pre-export testing or vaccination schedules and isolation or quarantine. LOC will arrange export licences and health certificates, blood samples, road transport, airport transfers, ferry crossings, customs, pre-flight stabling, in-flight groom, agent on landing, quarantine at receiving end, and then ground transport to final destination.

From start to finish we handle it all and keep you informed of your horses journey.

Your horse is our VIP passenger

The LOC team firmly believe that the comfort, welfare and safety of your horse is paramount. To this end we work with agents of the same mind-set, and have a team of experienced horsemen and women to ensure a safe & stress free journey from start to finish. Professional qualified flying grooms travel with your horse on the flight to provide hay, water and care as well as social interaction to prevent boredom and alleviate stress. They are trained to monitor your horses wellbeing and can handle a number of situations should they arise.

For larger horses, the jet stalls have the flexibility to increase the stall size to a space and a half so that your horse can travel in comfort.

Equine Air Travel FAQ’s

Whether you and your horse are seasoned travellers or going long distance for the first time, you will no doubt have questions. Here are some of our more common ones, however please feel free to contact our team for further information.

Q. How does my horse travel in a plane?
Horse travel in triple jet stalls in a single standing stall, so your horse will have two others for company. If you opt for a larger space, the partitions are re-aligned to make two double stalls – some airlines will also remove the partitions to allow your horse use of the full triple stall.

Q. Can I travel with my horse?
Generally speaking this is not possible, but you needn’t worry. All horses are accompanied by a fully trained and certified flight groom that has been trained to care for your horse and deal with any situations that may arise.

Q. Can I send my horses kit on the plane?
Please liaise with the LOC flight team as to your requirements as certain items may carry freight or customs and duty charges.

Q. What about blood testing and paperwork?
Regulations differ between countries so your LOC agent will liaise with you and your nominated veterinary surgeon to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Q. Will my horse be subject to a quarantine or isolation period?
Again, this varies from country to country. Where quarantine or isolation is required (either prior to export or on arrival), your LOC agent will make you aware of the process and provide you with details of the facilities to put your mind at rest.

Q. What gear should my horse travel in?
You horse will travel in a basic head collar, and dependant on the season a lightweight blanket may be required. We would generally recommend against the use of leg bandages and wraps/boots.

Q. Shoes on or off? Each flight agent may vary in their preference however LOC would recommend that at the very least, the back shoes be removed for the journey. For the safety of your horse and the people handling it during transit some specify that all shoes should be removed.

Destinations Worldwide

LOC regularly fly horses to the USA and Canada. Other countries we deal with include: South America; Australia; New Zealand; Dubai and the UAE. Our database of international shipping agents is growing constantly so if you are travelling elsewhere please contact us for further information.

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