About us

LOC International Horse transport - caring and professional

LOC International Horse Transport travels horses of all types across the globe. We have successfully travelled thousands of horses across some 30 countries.

We pride ourselves on being big enough to provide you with the global support you need, but not so big that your horse becomes just a number. Every horse gets individual, specialist, and dedicated care, according to its needs.

Professional team

Elizabeth O’Connor has been transporting horses for many years by road, sea and air and has built up a team of highly qualified and experienced staff. We are proud to offer an efficient, knowledgeable and experienced service to horses and owners alike.

Our team are all professionally qualified and highly expert in the business of transporting horses and have worked with horses for many years. As well as the DEFRA Certificate of Competence, each member of our team also holds the Advanced Certificate in Equine Transport.

As you can see from the Testimonials page, we have satisfied customers from across the world. Contact us and find out if we can help you too.

Please contact us today for advice on transporting your horse, a quote for travel or any other shipping query you may have.

Happy horse transporting!

International horse transport by road, by sea, by air
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